Back in Time


Back in Time

Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Old School

Thought I'd create a little shrine to the late 90's to early 00's internet! This is what Teen Manda was up to back then!

The top row is the evolution of my website, MandaPop.com, from 2002 to 2005. The bottom row is an evolution of my LiveJournal, starting from when I had a manual "blog" on my website, to when I began to use LJ to its fullest potential. A lot of my old files were lost accidentally, so this is all I have left.



Adoptable Cuties

In the teen girl web designer community of the internet during this time, we were all obsessed with with making and trading pixel art with each other!

I made the lucky charms, trolls, and Curious Georges. All the rest I adopted from other designers.














LJ Moods

Part of being a paid LJ user was you had full reign over your layout design, which included the ability to use custom moods for each post! Here are the ones I made for mine. It's me!

Angry           Creative

Awake           Excited

Confused           Cool

Crazy           Devastated

Dorky           Happy

Sick           Depressed

In Love           Mischievous

Sad           Shocked




These were another big obsession, especially for those of us inspired by Japanese / Kawaii culture!

(I didn't make any of these)











Along with the adoptable cuties, these 88x31 banners were the best way to promote each other's sites. We'd all have a page for Links and somewhere on it would be a Button Wall like this.

(I made the first 5 as well as the animated "Kill the Fun" one.)